Fic: Fire in the Soul (5/?)

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Title: Fire in the Soul (5/?)
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG13
Word count: 4100
Pairing: Spike/Buffy, with Dru and OCs.
A/N: Thanks for the quickie betas by shapinglight and MiAmor. Some photos contained herein are copyrighted as noted. NOT comics compliant.
Summary: A few years after Sunnydale’s spectacular demise, Buffy and her crew are getting on with their lives in San Francisco. A not entirely unwelcome blast from her past (Spike! It’s Spike!) blows into town, but he’s brought more than the generally allowable amount of baggage with him.

Chapter 1 on LJ / Chapter 1 on DW — In which a “chance” encounter leads to strong language and less-than-adult behavior. Also: animal magnetism.
Chapter 2a on LJ / Chapter 2a on DW — In which Dawn makes her feelings known and Buffy tries not to.
Chapter 2bc on LJ / Chapter 2bc on DW— In which Buffy gets on with her Sunday, which naturally ends up being weird.
Chapter 3 on LJ / Chapter 3 on DW — In which Buffy checks in with Giles and has another bizarre vampire meet up.
Chapter 4 on LJ / Chapter 4 on DW — In which Buffy possibly overthinks things before she and Spike try that new-fangled “communication” thing.

New today:
Chapter 5 on LJ / Chapter 5 on DW — In which Spike and Buffy lick their respective wounds after a communication breakdown.

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