Drabble: the opposite of a genderswap

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Title: the opposite of a genderswap
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: AU season 4 or 5, but it doesn’t really make a difference in the text.
Rating: T for body parts.
I suspect this isn’t, properly speaking, a drabble. It’s more like a teaser (and so am I). This is a 100-word epilogue to a set of ficlets I’m working on. The entire relevant backstory is that Spike has been stuck in a female body (as Spike does), and he’s now transforming back.
If that one line sounds like “Doomed”, that’s because it is.
Posting fic end first is not the most sensible idea I’ve ever had, but I really wanted to finish something that’s made of words. And it’s separate from the rest of the set anyway. So here we are.


The magic reaches inside him, this time by choice. Bones shift, muscles grow… God, it’s good to have a dick again. He doesn’t quite Hulk-rip the shirt, but he does get stuck in the stupid thing before peeling the whole damn costume off.
Spike girds his loins with the smallest towel and prowls in search of trousers, feeling every lean, mean inch of himself move right. He checks his reflection in the Slayer’s startled eyes, her heart rate, the little intake of breath she thinks he doesn’t hear, that spreading blush… oh, yeah. Spike’s back, and he’s a bloody animal.

Originally posted at https://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/603933.html