Drabble, The First…

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Hello, all. I’m ever so pleased to be sharing this day with the lovely and gifted thisficklemob. I couldn’t be in better company. Can hardly wait to read your story, caia!

Also, many thanks to the amazing itmustbetuesday  for the marvelous job she’s doing with seasonal_spuffy. Kudos!

Now, for my contribution I’ll be posting a three-part NC-17 story set in Season 2… but not for a few hours. My muse went on strike last week, so I’ve still got the last bit of Chapter 2 to finish up as soon as I get a little sleep.

In the meantime, here’s the first of three drabbles to kick things off.

Drabble: Fatal Attraction
Author: annapurna_2
Rating: G
Season: I think you’ll figure it out. Heh.
Feedback: Thrilled to have it.

Girl’s got style. Makes her different. Makes her special. Hard to kill.

Fine by him. He’s never liked a sure thing. Fists and fangs, glorious chaos and bloody mayhem, that’s what he lives for. Not like before, when life was something he didn’t grab. Prissy little man in a prissy
little world. Until his dark salvation came along.

This one’s dangerous. They all are – walking death at the other end of a pointy stick. But she’s bloody ambrosia. He’s moth to her flame. They’re yin and yang and when she falls, he’ll fall with her.

Cause the girl’s got style.
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