DRABBLE : Headless

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And my final entry for today, a drabble. It doesn’t really make sense, but when you’re struggling to write anything at all, words is words! Based on the theme for this round – Head v Heart. Hope you enjoy. Thanks again to enigmatic_blue.

Heard it said you can live without your heart; they can put you on bypass, give you a pig’s heart or a cow’s. But lose your head – game over.

They’re wrong. It’s been months now since the Slayer got into my head and stole it away with her sunshine. I still function, my foot still goes into my mouth nine times out of ten. I still work crazy schemes that fall flat on their arse, just like me.

But tonight. She ripped out my heart and stepped on it and I’m done.

You gonna lose something? I choose my head.


Originally posted at http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/406698.html