Drabble: Buffy Reads a Book.

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Hi! I’m Cass and today is my day (OK – only just). I’ve got a little five part story for you, but it’s not quite there yet… So, while I go and brood about it sleep on it until the morning, a little something in the form of a drabble.

Title: Buffy reads a book.
Author: Cass
Setting: Sometime in the future…
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Rating: Tame as tame can be.

“Hey! You’re readin’!”

“Don’t sound so surprised! I read!”

“Yeah, but – that’s a proper book!”

“’Jane Eyre.’ The abridged version. Don’t snort.”

“Poncy Victorian slush…”

“S’not slush! It’s a ‘story of passionate love, travail and final triumph’. Says so on the back.”


“Cynic… Spike? D’you think anyone will ever write stories about us?”

“Us? What for?”

“Well, it’s been quite a ride… fighting, apocalypses, heroics, passion, loss, true love conquering all…”


“Oh yes. So – d’ya think?”

“Nah. Who’d care enough?”


“You gonna read all day?”

“Why? Oh! Mmmmmm… that’s… Wait! Just let me mark my… oooohhhh… Never mind…”


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