Drabble and Banner: Exultation

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Author:  dawnofme
Title:  Exultation
Rating:  G
Medium:  Drabble and a Banner
Word Count:  100
Summary:  Spike’s thoughts after Buffy walked away at the end of the S6 episode:  After Life.

a/n:  This is my first time posting for this community and also my first try at  a drabble.

Exultation BannerExultation Banner



“They can never know.  Never.”

Buffy’s words drifted back with the breeze.  He desperately wanted to go after her.


An obstacle; like the grave had been for 147 days.

Pacing from one shadowy boundary to another, his strides took him farther as the sun continued its agonizingly slow descent.  He’d never feared the sun.  It was something to avoid.

Today, he despised it.

She’d confided in him, spilling things she couldn’t tell friends.

She’d ordered him to say nothing to the others and accepted his nod.

Buffy trusted him.

That counted for something.  Tingling with exultation, Spike smiled.


Originally posted at http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/275388.html