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Title: Buffy and the Beast
Pairing: Spike/Buffy, eventually
Rating: PG at the moment; will eventually be NC-17
Disclaimer: The usual–I don’t own them, Joss does, blah-de-blah blah blah…
Author’s note: In this ‘verse, Spike was never paralyzed by Buffy, although they did fight in the church. Drusilla was cured, Angelus did emerge, but Acathla was not found… however, Giles was kidnapped, for reasons yet to be revealed.

 Buffy and the Beast Chapter 4

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Buffy and the Beast

Chapter 4

Spike sneaked a peek out the window of the mansion and saw the blue of the California sky overhead. There had been many times in his unlife that he’d cursed the sun and its effects on his kind, but today he was glad. Glad for the sunlight and glad for the clear blue skies around it. It could give the group of teenagers protection that he could not.

He checked on Giles as soon as he returned to the mansion last night and was actually surprised to see the bloke alive. The Watcher was hanging from manacles on the wall in the large great room of the manse and blood had dripped from various shallow cuts to pool at his feet. He picked up the Watcher’s head to glare into icy blue eyes, then let it flop back down onto his chest, feeling Angelus and Drusilla approaching the room.

He flopped down in a chair, and draped himself decoratively over the arm by the time they reached the great room. Angelus glared at the vampire, and Drusilla stood over him, clucking her tongue and wagging her finger in his face. “Daddy, sweet Willy has been a very bad boy. I smell the Slayer all over him and even now he is wishing for the sunshine.”

He had forgotten about Dru’s foresight. “Fought the Slayer last night, Granddad.”

“Really, boyo? And did you kill her?”

Spike ducked his head, knowing the reaction he would get from failure. “No, she was strong. Couldn’t get close enough to her to kill her. That girl fights like a demon.”

“She’s part demon, Spike, and it’s a part that doesn’t like vampires. Don’t forget it.”

“Oh, I won’t.” Spike gritted his teeth, hoping that he could control his unruly tongue. “Killed two of ‘em, haven’t I? Think I know what makes the Slayer tick now. Know where to get to her.”

“Oh, you do? How is that, William, that you suddenly know all this about the Slayer?”

“Sacrificed a couple of fledges to her so I could see her fighting style. She’s got imagination, that girl. More than the other two, I’ll grant you that.” Spike leaned forward in the chair, planting both feet on the floor. “I’ll have that gel one day, mark my words on that. She will be mine.”

Angelus growled, and Spike was pinned to the chair by his throat before he knew it. “Wrong, boyo, the girl is mine. Mine to fuck and mine to kill, should I decide to boyo. I had better not smell her anywhere on you, understand?”

Spike tilted his head and nodded, unable to speak. Angelus released the grip on his neck and smiled wickedly. “Good. Now that we have that little understanding, do you want to take a turn with the Watcher?”

Spike examined his nails. “Not really. You know my tastes. I’m a veal sort of guy, remember? Don’t get into the older stuff.”

“I remember.” Spike watched, his teeth gritted, while Dru unzipped the Watcher’s trousers and let them drop to the floor. She took his shriveled penis in her hand, moving it slowly back and forth until it finally hardened and turned to her beloved Daddy. “Daddy, do look at what I have found. Perhaps it can keep me from screaming.”

Feigning boredom, Spike got up and wandered out of the room before Drusilla and Angelus had their way with the Watcher.

He looked out of the window again, then hung a blue shirt under the curtain, careful of the light. This had to end soon, before he was dusted for his treachery.


Buffy looked around at her friends as they stood together in the front room. She surveyed their weapons, she went over the plans laid last night again in her mind and wondered if this would be it. Her unwritten expiration date. She’d beaten death once, but she knew that her number could be up soon and she had very little choice left. She had to save Giles and she had Spike to help her.

She marveled at her last thought. Who would have ever believed that Spike would help them? She knew that he liked the world the way it was. Still, why ask for the exchange he did? Try as she might, she could not understand his reasoning.

They loaded into Oz’s van, and started the trek to the mansion.

When they arrived, Buffy secured silver crosses around each of their necks with a whispered prayer for their safety then looked at her ragtag band of troops. “Take out as many minions as you can. Angelus is mine. The other will look after Drusilla. There’s a blue shirt over the window, so this is a go. Let’s move.”

With no more words coming to mind, she turned, and entered the mansion. Her friends were behind her and they fanned out to the places pre-decided by the planners last night.

Buffy stalked through the ground floor on cat feet, looking into each room as she passed by. She dusted two minions in the kitchen, then another outside the dining room, finally coming to the great room where Giles was. She looked at him in horror as he hung there, naked and obviously ravaged, puncture wounds evident in his neck, thigh, and even at the base of his penis. Buffy shuddered, and left him there until she could dispatch the greater threat—Angelus.

She slowly climbed the stairs, her longsword in her hand. She passed the rooms Spike had said were empty and went directly to the master suite that Angelus had nested in. Spike met her outside the room, finger to his lips and she nodded tight-lipped, then pushed the door of the room open.

Angelus had passed out, still enjoined to Drusilla. She looked at Spike’s hard features, looked at the pain in his eyes. He shrugged, then made motion indicating she should cut off his head. Shifting her eyes to Dru, he shrugged again. Well, if he didn’t care….

She swung the sword high over her head and brought it down. It bit through Angelus’ neck solidly, dusting him immediately, and took off the top of Drusilla’s head. Spike shuddered, mentally saying goodbye to his wicked plum, his dark goddess, as a second swipe removed her head as well. Dust filled the air around them and he turned away with a shudder.

Then their power hit him full force. The power of the Aurelius, passed by the death of two of its strongest members, infused into him, burning his defunct veins with battery acid and brimstone. He felt his face change with the power surge, his fangs descended, and he turned to Buffy with a roar.

She stood her ground, knowing no fear, but grabbed a stake out of her back pocket. “The minions, Spike.”

“No need. I am the Master. Any blood oath they made to Angelus has passed to me. They will not harm your people.”

She sheathed the longsword, and looked up at him. “Okay then, now what? We dusted Angelus. So what, you get his power now?”

He nodded and shook off his demon, his game face slipping away. “Once the Sire and Grandsire were dusted, the power of the Aurelius passed through them to me. I control all the minions and fledglings they created. They will obey.”

“Good. Then tell them to leave Sunnydale if they want to remain intact. I’m still the Slayer, Spike. If they hunt, I will slay them.” She turned to leave the room, and he grabbed her upper arm.

“I am the Master here, Slayer.”

“I am the Slayer here, Spike. Let me go. I need to go get Giles out of those manacles.”

“Take him to your house and tend his wounds. I will gather the minions and fledges and tell them to leave town. At midnight, return to me to fulfill our bargain. Do not make me come and hunt for you.”

Her voice was soft in the silence of the house, but she nodded. “I’ll be here. I’m not a deal-breaker.”

She turned and left him with the drifting dust motes of his family.


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