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My second entry for Free Day is a Holiday Greetings banner.  Hope you have enjoyed the graphics I did this year.  This banner can be used if any of our talented Spuffy writers would like to use it for a story or if they would like to write up a little Christmas Story to go with it.

Anyone who knows me from the discussion at the various forums all these years knows why Spike has become the most important of all characters in the entire Whedonverse to me – Spike is the HOPE and FAITH for the transformation of our world.  He is all the darkness that each human carries inside of them, be it in on the surface or hidden that some don’t even know they are capable of letting out someday.  Spike went from the Good Man who felt lost and rejected and abandoned and who gave in to the temptation to find another way to live but he chose, like so many humans, without understanding what his choice would bring into his life.  He found Power and an escape, but at the price of his Good Man.

Buffy, in partnership with Spike, is the POWER of Knowledge and Understanding and the Transformation that humans can bring into their lives when they choose to let go of all the dogma, anger and hatreds that form a life set by the limits of a mind and heart that want to see the world in the easy Black & White instead of the incredible complexity that forms human culture and our social structures.  Buffy is the strength that comes from fighting and sacrificing and the mercy and love that she could give to all.  Together, these two characters for me are everything that ultimately is compelling, fundamental and powerful and that reflects what I wish and hope that the peoples of planet Earth will eventually become.

Mind, Intellect, Free will, Choice and Struggle to find our inner heroes and trying to live as the Good Individual instead of the Thug and Violent Brute who who cares only for his own needs and agenda and their tribe – this is what Buffy and Spike symbolize and why I have such a great respect and admiration of them and the great series Joss Whedon created.

I wish all our Spuffy fans Peace, Joy and a Wonderful Holiday Season.

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