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Here are two manips for our First Day of this round of Seasonal Spuffy.  Thank You to all the moderators for all your efforts to keep Season Spuffy going on all these years.  It’s such a wonderful Spuffy Event.  Thanks to all the participants for creating works for all the Spuffy fans to enjoy –

I Wanted to work with the theme of Fall as a symbol of the life cycle and transition.  With this in mind, I really wanted to have a new symbol for Buffy and Spike – a new ring to represent their current  relationship and a new era for love in their lives.  Instead of the Claddagh ring I imagine Spike giving Buffy a Fede Ring – perhaps one that was used by his mother.  This ring is from the period of 1850-1859 manufactured in England.  A Fede Ring is symbolic of Trust and Fidelity –  these traits fit both Spike and Buffy now and the events of their history as well as how they treat people they love.  They’ve certainly had to go through many trials to finally get to where they are now.

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