Artwork: Some Kind of Cuddling Relationship (worksafe)

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Title: Some Kind of Cuddling Relationship
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Era/season: s7, Touched

I heard that making art with your hands is supposed to be a grounding activity, so I’ve been playing with a watercolor kit and also an ink pen and a delightful metallic marker. Can confirm, doodling stars all over this thing was incredibly relaxing.

a colorful watercolor of Spuffy cuddling, overlaid with stars and ornaments

The symbols on Buffy are (or are based on) traditional Latvian sun signs, and the ones on Spike – Latvian moon signs. I made some of them rounder and generally riffed on the examples I found, in part because the original patterns are generally meant for yarn arts, so there were a lot more tiny squares and straight lines than I wanted.

In Latvian folklore, the Moon is a guy and watches over warriors (and people who travel at night), so I feel like he fits Spike pretty well — although I am sure that Spike could rock the duties of any moon goddess in a pinch.

I overestimated my ability to draw two things: sun signs and Spuffy noses. A major distinguishing feature of the Latvian sun symbols is supposedly symmetry; RIP. What I didn’t overestimate was my ability to draw faces… and I couldn’t be bothered to attempt recognizable bodies either, so I traced the contours of Spuffy from a screencap. Due to blind luck, I didn’t poke a hole in my computer monitor despite doing this with a pencil and a thin sheet of paper directly on the screen. Would not recommend trying at home.

Then it bothered me that the noses didn’t look spuffy, so I tried adding the faces from the screencap.

same but with faces edited in

I prefer the faceless version, but I’m including this one too because I feel like the faces add to the Klimt vibe that I was going for.

Finally, I must include a gif to show off the shineyness.
gif of me moving the artwork so it glitters

I used a screencap from
The title is a quote from ‘ lovely story “A Guy Can Dream“.
I don’t think anyone owns the sun and moon signs, but here’s a couple of the reference pages that I used, in case someone is curious. :)

I have something else to post, but I’m leaving that for tomorrow. :)

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