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Two banners with similar coloring – an autumn theme I had thought to use for all my seasonal_spuffy pieces, but abandoned when I decided I wanted a bit more variety.

Under the Stairs is the first time I’ve used a screen shot of Buffy & Spike together for a piece of fan art. I like that you can’t really see their faces, but if you’re a fan of the pairing, you immediately recognize the scene. And for me, of course, it’s kind of Journeys related. :-)

48104_original  49909_original

Opening Night was made in honor of the, um, opening night for this round of seasonal_spuffy, and because I like to dress Buffy up whenever I can.

Links to both wallpaper and banner sizes are below and, once again, I have blank ones I’m willing to personalize for anyone who would like to use them for their LJ or for a fic, etc. Just drop me a note or respond here.

Textures by Black Lagoon, Exchanged stock, Lunestas, Plumerri, Lee Textures, Vampkiss, Oxoniensis art and Resurgere.

Hope you enjoy!

Direct link to Opening Night Wallpaper.

Direct link to Opening Night Banner.

Direct link to Under the Stairs Wallpaper.

Direct link to Under the Stairs Banner.

Opening Night Banner Under the Stairs Banner