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Last part. Thanks everybody for all the very kind comments. This has been a lot of fun.

A Fairy Story with Photoshop Interruptions
Part 4 of 4

by kathyh
Rating: doubt if it’s more than PG13 as it stands, though if you know what’s going on in some of the caps used here it might be more.

Thanks: to itmustbetuesday for this great community, lillianmorgan and elisi for encouragement, and elisi for constructive criticism of the wallpapers. Everything else is my fault.
Disclaimer: unfortunately I don’t own them. If I did I’d be away playing with them on a warm beach somewhere.
Note: Yes, Beneath You should be here. Blame the blue shirt for its absence! Sorry…

Back to our Heroine (slightly tarnished) and our Hero (nearly there now).
The Quest was successful and the Boy returned with the piece of himself that was missing, but he paid a terrible price for it as his mind had been overturned and he was haunted by the things he’d done without that piece of himself (he was also haunted by the Girl’s Greatest Foe, but he wasn’t to know that). The Girl was confused and wasn’t sure what to do to help the Boy, even when he told her that he’d regained the missing piece of himself for her sake.

As time passed the Boy’s sanity returned to him, but he was still being manipulated by the Girl’s Greatest Foe (as it kept on saying it was to anyone who would listen). He did more bad things, but this time without knowing it, and the Girl trusted him enough to believe that. Even when he was stolen by the Girl’s Greatest Foe she wouldn’t give him up and saved him. Eventually the trust between them was so great that the Boy was the only one who believed in the Girl when all her friends denied her. His belief was so strong that he gave her back her own belief.


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And her belief in him was so strong that when she was given an Amulet that only a Champion could wear and he asked her for it, she gave it to him and made him her Champion.

And many fairy stories would end at this point with trust and love restored, but this one doesn’t. The Girl, filled with the belief that the Boy had given back to her, defeated her Greatest Foe, and the Boy’s soul (which had been the piece of him that was missing) was so strong and so bright that it burned with a fire that destroyed the forces of the Girl’s Greatest Foe and left the Girl victorious… but though the fire that the Boy’s soul lit warmed, it also consumed, and he died. The Girl was left without the Boy to live her life as she so chose, and that was his gift to her.


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That might have been the end of the story, but fortunately this is a fairy story, and though such things don’t happen in real life, the Boy was returned to the world through the Amulet he wore. After many adventures he saw the Girl one more time dancing with a new partner, but fate or chance or fear prevented him from reaching out to her. The first time he saw her she was dancing, and the last time he saw her she was dancing, and there is a poetry to that, which the Boy, being something of a poet himself, could have appreciated. And that might be the end of the story… or it might not. The Boy wasn’t one to give up… and the Girl liked to dance.

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