32 Spuffy Icons + 1 Banner – Round 14!

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Hi! There you are!

My day to share arrived quicker than I thought! maybe more for the end of this round. I really want to thank you for all your time, everything you do, you are amazing people. And I love your fanwork every day of my life, I’m so grateful, you gave me everything I needed along the way, you are “home” guys and whatever you need you only have to write about it (in a fanfic) I’m joking, whatever it is, just say it, you know that tomorrow’s gonna be too late.

32 icons + 1 Banner “It was a long road about love”

[01-08] Btvs 6×15 “As You Were”, 6×11 “Gone”
[09-16] Btvs 6×10 “Wrecked”
[17-30] Btvs 4×03 “The Harsh Light of Day”
[31-32] Btvs 2×07 “Lie to me”

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I will use my LJ because I still have nothing in DW and it feels so -alone, you know, it feels devastating. I’m anne!Buffy there, god, this is very scary. So I apologize to everyone, really, comments where you feel better. Enjoy!

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