20 icons spuffy | round 24 night and day

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Hi everybody! First of all, sorry I’m a little late, I made some icons for this round. As we all noticed, after photobucket decided to block the links on third-party sites, every corner of the fandom was affected so I was not the exception. I’m changing the links ohlord but obviously it’s affected all. You know, I’m sad for everything we lost, it’s a catastrophe of multiple proportions. I will try to change it as fast as I can, I hope you can forgive me for not being able to do it before. I’ll be around, reading your fanfic with my drama queen crown on my head.

.| 20 icons Spike/Buffy



rules / resources
• Credit sintonia or stnia would be nice.
• I love your comments! :)

Oh, thank you so much for organizing this!

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