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.| Title: 20 icons | Something Blue
.| Creator: sintonia

Hi everybody! I’m going to hurry because I’m here from my phone, yeah, my Internet is falling since Thursday night. Sorry about that, really, I want to tell you so much! <3 And the worst part is that I’m totally tuned, I want to come back!

Oh! I dedicate this entry to Sandy, she has been my source of inspiration since October but honestly, she always has been (I owe you a banner and a comment because this is the story of my life with you but don’t worry, I’m on it!) And because I love you people too much, don’t miss her fic tomorrow! I could give you spoilers but I’m just going to say if you lose this you will regret it, stay tuned!



I just can’t help myself, I gotta say I love Something Blue because Willow thought they should get married but nobody sent them to fall in love, much less felt hot and so attracted. And because everything is there from the beginning, even the inevitable failure of the relationship with Riley, her trauma with Angel and why she told much later why she couldn’t love in that way again but she doesn’t know how to love otherwise.

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