Spuffy Moment #3

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So, I planned on doing top 10 Spuffy moments picspams, as decided by polling my f-list, but school and work bogged me down, so now I present… top 3 Spuffy moments picspams, as decided by polling my f-list!


Spuffy Moment #3 – The Kiss in “Tabula Rasa”

Now, this wouldn’t necessarily have been so high on my personal list, so I wondered why my f-list reacted so strongly to it. Is it because Buffy is finally acknowledging that she has feelings for Spike? Or could it be how fitting the song was – Buffy was saying “good-by to everything that she knew” about Spike and unsouled vampires by giving in to her feelings? Or was it just hot?

I don’t know.

I’ll be posting the other two later tonight when I get home from work, so until then carry on!


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