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Thanks to the wonderful enigmaticblues  for this amazing round!

It’s my posting day! I bring you a late-night icon post, 40+ Spuffy icons. To follow with a Spike/Buffy fic in the morning.

Here they be. Hope you like!

42 icon2-1 icon4

icon11 412 icon33 4 icon55
icon66 icon77 icon88 icon99 icon1010
icon1111 icon1212 icon1313 icon1414 icon1515
icon1616 icon17-217 icon1818 icon19-119 icon20-120
onelittledance-icon21 onelittledance-icon222 icon1-123 24 icon3-125
icon5-126 icon4-127 icon17-blank28 icon19-blank29 icon2130
icon2231 icon22-blank32 icon2333 icon2434 icon24-blank35
icon2536 icon2637 42-blank38 39 41-blank40
4341 4442

Assorted lyrics credited to Lennon/McCartney

Textures by Mandi (vampkiss)

Screencaps: Screencap Paradise. Other promo-shots taken from various
websites via Google Image Search.


1) Credit your icon-maker. It’s the least you can do.
2) Please upload on your own server.
3) Blank icons are not bases
4) Be excellent to each other.

Also, comments are made of chocolate puppies. True story.


Originally posted at http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/290187.html