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This is what I call a real feast, congratulations to everyone! It’s been ten years, lord, I was not involved all these years but however I was reading in the shadows and I don’t know if you feel this way but there’s so much love in this place, present in every nook and corner. You are a beautiful part of this fandom, thanks for always being there.

As you know, English is not my first language so I beg pardon for my mistakes. I have always been inspired by many people (mostly fanfic writers) but I want to talk about someone who has inspired me all my life in the fandom – inxsomniax.  I thought maybe you could take a look icons & iconswallpaper & wallpaper + header A great artist, a designer full of talent and passion for design who one day fell in love with spuffy so hard (you know sometime when life is simple we insist on making it complicated) and I was lucky to be around to enjoy all this pain. I’m just kidding, I always thought what she meant to say was “I carry it in my heart” so say what you need to say, say something that’s going to touch somebody’s heart. I know how silly this sounds but the time passes and there is a lot of affection, you could feel this in everywhere. I wanted to know what this was all about, I wanted to build something for myself, learning and exploring design because of that. You don’t even know if you could say something about your ships in your designs and for many people It just makes no sense but for some others that is why it makes sense, It’s the only way it makes sense. That is the spirit that has inspired me, one of the most important lessons I learned about graphics. I would like to give thanks for everything.

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• Textures mostly by inxsomniax & rules/ other resources
• Comments & suggestions are always welcome.

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