Entry 3 of 3 Moodboard / Aesthetic inspired by “Rules of the Road” by Gort

title: Moodboard / Aesthetic inspired by “Rules of the Road” by Gort
creator: badwolfjedi
era: btvs s5
rating: other for moodboard (fic is rated “R”)

Creator Notes: When I saw the theme of this round was going to be Road Trip – I HAD to do a couple moodboard/aesthetic/story boards and this story came to mind.  It is a wonderful Season 5 story by the lovely and uber talented Gort and is worth reading again and again, even as a permanent WIP, as the place it leaves off is kinda like a starting point for us readers to imagine what happens next.  The author put as “you can imagine a Spuffy roadtrip that goes on forever!” – and that sounds pretty great, right? So please read and comment if you like (while respecting the author’s permanent WIP status of this fic).

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Entry 2 of 3 Mood Board inspired by “Come Go with Me” by Sandy_S

Title: Mood Board inspired by “Come Go with Me” by Sandy_S
creator: badwolfjedi

form: other art
era: btvs s7
rating: other for moodboard (fic is rated “R”)

Creator Notes: Did you ever want to see some more alone time for Spuffy in Season 7? Well, I sure did. One of the reasons I love this fic by the amazing Sandy_S, we see some real discussion and lovely quiet moments away from the house full of people who recently threw Buffy out.

Summary: Set just after Spike and Buffy fall asleep together in “Touched.” Spike wakes up first. What follows is AU. February 20, 2005 Link: https://dark-solace.org/elysian/viewstory.php?sid=5334

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Moodboard / Aesthetic inspired by “Tales From a New Body” by OffYourBird

title: Moodboard / Aesthetic for “Tales From a New Body
era: post-series
rating: moodboard is based on fic which is rated “NC-17”, but nothing explicit shown

Creator Notes: For Fall Equinox Free-for-All Seasonal Spuffy. What can I say as this story as an avid Spuffy fanfic reader? Maybe that I didn’t know what to expect about a reincarnation/transmigration story, but that it blew any expectations I did have out of the water.  The themes (family, love, reunions, who we really are, etc.) are deep and resonate all the way through the story and there are some Spike bite scenes (which are very much my jam).  My first official comment on the story started like this: Okay just starting this and it’s SOOOOOOOOOO INTERESTING!! Wow I was really curious how much of Buffy was going to be Buffy ya know and I have to say I thought the balance you struck here was sublime. Color me intrigued!!”, and now I ramble praise at OffYourBird whenever I can and I encourage any Spuffy fan to read – you will NOT be disappointed.

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