Moodboard / Aesthetic inspired by Pumpkin Spike by Sunalso

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title: Moodboard / Aesthetic for “Pumpkin Spike by Sunalso”


era: season 4 – something blue AR

rating: other for moodboard (fic is rated “NC-17”)

Creator Notes: For Fall Equinox Free-for-All Seasonal Spuffy. This was a small moodboard project but fun, just like the story it is based on. I wanted to complete a moodboard for a seasonally appropriate fic, along with my other post which is not seasonally based. Now I am craving something pumpkin flavoured.


I do not own any of the images but did my own screengrabs for the Something Blue images. This is a fan work only, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Links to both Elysian Fields and Ao3 provided below for reference. Official author summary is: S4. AU Something Blue. Willow’s spell goes awry in a most unexpected way.


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